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Assisted Living Santa Rosa

Primrose is an assisted living facility, focusing exclusively on adults who have Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia. Our Santa Rosa facility offers residential care, respite care, hospice care and adult day care. Primrose has developed unique operational protocols to enhance quality of care for residents, emphasizing security and safety in our settings. We offer an appropriate range of life-affirming and encouraging activities through our Day Club, Respite and Residential Care programs. These are catered to each person’s abilities and cognition.

The dementia programs at Primrose incorporate the latest disease research findings, including aromatherapy, light therapy, touch therapy, music and pet therapy, among others. The interiors of Primrose facilities are designed with natural lighting, way-finding cues and devices, specialized furnishings, fabrics and colors to help reduce confusion. Exterior areas are beautifully landscaped and secure. Our dining and nutrition program incorporates the latest research on what is needed for individuals facing memory loss.

There are many benefits to choosing Primrose for that special care. We recognize the challenges that come to those facing memory loss and we encourage our residents to live in the moment. We hope that for our residents and their families, choosing Primrose provides peace of mind and relives the caregiver stress and burnout that is all too frequent. We want our residents and their relatives to enjoy life without having to worry about the stress of dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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