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Primrose Living Fund

Our Vision

Everyone knows how to preserve their memory and recognize serious memory loss symptoms.

Our Mission

We gather and disseminate cutting-edge information regarding memory loss in ways that will inspire people to act.

Our Activities

from worldwide current research

through workshops, support groups, publications and events

the community by encouraging action to enhance wellness

You Can Help!

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Ways to Preserve Your Memory

  1. Eat a brain-healthy diet
  2. Exercise your mind and body
  3. Learn how your memory works
  4. Socialize and build healthy relationships
  5. Learn something new every day

Five Indicators of Serious Memory Loss

If you or your loved one experience the following…

  • Forget how to do things you’ve done many times before
  • Repeat phrases or stories in the same conversation
  • Change in personality or character traits
  • Get lost in familiar places
  • Forget common and simple words
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