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Brain Gym

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The rewards of cognitive exercise are improved cognition and improved quality of life. Persons with Alzheimer’s can improve comprehensive and functional abilities with cognitive training, including the types of exercises the Primrose Brain Gym utilizes for residents. The results from participation in cognitive exercises are real and measurable.

Benefits of Cognitive Exercise

Building a healthy cognitive reserve through participation in cognitive activities can:

  • Be related to reduced risk of memory loss.
  • Make a difference between showing signs of memory loss in daily life or not, regardless of the pathological onset of Alzheimer’s.
  • Have beneficial effects that may last up to five years with work in the reasoning processes.
  • Make a significant difference when combined with training that boosts the speed of processing and the benefits can be retained.
  • Make a difference between dependence and independence when combined with the beneficial effects from the performance of ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living). ADL refers to basic self-care tasks, akin to the types of skills learned in childhood.

The Primrose Brain Gym includes computer-based cognitive exercises that can challenge everyone. Combining physical exercise and nutritional recipes can also help to make the most out of cognitive exercises.

Sample Brain Training Exercises

Brain Gym

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