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Respite and Adult Day Care Services

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Help for Caregivers During Busy Times

primrose_collageThe Primrose assisted living facility in Santa Rosa provides caregivers of adults with memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s or symptoms of dementia with many valuable programs and services, including respite care and adult day care programs. These types of programs give caregivers much needed breaks from the round-the-clock care they provide for their parent or loved one whose been given a memory impairment diagnosis. Having a parent or loved one at home for as long as is manageable can be ideal for every member of the family. It also can be exhausting and time consuming, which is why Primrose has developed respite care programs to help adult caregivers.

It is important for caregivers to find time for self-care, so at Primrose we’ve developed the Primrose Day Club, a specialized day program with social activities and services for elderly individuals to participate in for a full or half day, Monday through Friday.

If you’re a caregiver, you may be interested to learn more about the Primrose Day Club and our respite care programs, so we’ve prepared this guide to help answer questions you may have, such as what kinds of services our programs offer and how they can benefit you and your loved one. Whether you are experiencing difficulty managing your work schedule and caring for a loved one, have holidays coming up to plan for, or are taking a long overdue vacation, you may need help and our Primrose adult day program is designed to help.

Primrose Day Club Services

Adults are welcome to participate in our day program, also known as adult day care services, for half or full day services. We have two distinct areas of service within the Day Club:

The Adult social day program, which provides social and health-focused activities, meals, and recreation. The social component is particularly important if your loved one has started to withdraw due to his or her health issues.

Adult therapeutic care service. In addition to social activities and meals, Primrose will also provide therapeutic care for people who have other health issues or need medical attention throughout the day.

If your loved one needs periodic or regular assistance or supervision, it may be difficult at first for him or her to adjust to an adult day service. It’s important to be patient. It might take time for your loved one to feel comfortable in some of the group settings at our day program. If your loved one has cognitive impairment, or dementia, we recommend you try to introduce him or her to our adult day service as soon as possible. Your loved one often will more easily adjust to an adult day service when he or she is still able to understand and enjoy our specialized activities.

To find out more about our Adult Day Care Services, see our Primrose Day Club page. Please also contact us to request more information or to schedule a tour of our facility.

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