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Alzheimer’s Awareness:
Ten Early Signs

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Alzheimer's Awareness in Santa RosaUnlocking a cure for Alzheimer’s, which claims more than 80,000 lives every year in the U.S., may be a number of years away, but a consciousness about its devastating effects on people living with the disease is starting to reach every age level of our population, from young grandchildren to retired adult children.

Our staff at the Primrose memory care facility in Santa Rosa often field questions from concerned family members about the early signs of memory loss and what symptoms to look for in the elderly, or sometimes within themselves. Our staff are well-trained and attuned to the sensitivities that arise around subjects such as memory loss and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

We’d like to point you to a great resource from the Alzheimer’s Association that addresses the ten early warning signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s as well as ten typical age-related memory loss signs. As the article notes, “Every individual may experience one or more of these signs in different degrees.” Please click here to read the entire article.

Knowing these differences can help you decide whether memory difficulties you or a family member are experiencing are typical for that age or when it may be time to seek advice of a doctor. If you have any concerns, however, we recommend you see a doctor or bring your relative to see his or her doctor for advice.

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